What can I expect at Construction Career Days?

Several hours of learning and fun during a school day field trip. We want to show you a rewarding career field that you may not know about, and that – even if you are not sure you want to go to college – may be right for you straight out of high school!

What is the format?

Mutiple 20 or 40 minute learning labs, technology demonstrations and a field of heavy equipment which you get the opportunity to operate! Industry companies will be on hand exhibiting their work types and may be looking to hire high school graduates!

What does it cost?

Nothing, We pick your group up at school in a coach bus in the morning and drop you back by school bell. And lunch and water are provided.

Why are you doing this?

We are a bunch of career roadbuilders, from designers and inspectors to field engineers and operators. Because our industry is BUSY we have trouble getting enough people to come work for us! So we take a couple of days each year and show off what we do. All skill levels from novice worker to degreed professional are in demand.

How do I sign up?

Groups are organized and registered through your high school. Ask your CTE teacher or any teacher. Each county school system has a CCD liaison from whom teachers may get more information.

More FAQs coming soon!